Student Counselling

If you are tuned out of your emotions, you will be poor at reading them in others” – Daniel Goleman

Students who face issues beyond academics- be they psychological, emotional, social or behavioural, are assured of being heard and helped at Vishwa Bharti Public School.

Our qualified and experienced counselor provides and conducts individual, as well as group counseling sessions, for all primary and secondary children referred to the counseling department. The counselor also engages students individually in a manner that is designed to help students reach a greater awareness of who they are, and their unique potentialities, there by assisting students to accentuate their strengths and work on their difficulties in an atmosphere of care and concern.

In addition to the counseling sessions, a comprehensive classroom guidance program is conducted at all grade levels. This program, which is uniquely tailored to meet the developmental needs at various age levels, enhances life skills, and boosts the socio-emotional literacy and well being of our students.